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Welcome to Mechanical Engineering Department.

        Mechanical Engineering Department (MED) is the oldest Department in CAII. It was founded on the basis of the Department of Mechanical and Electric Engineering. MED adheres to the concept of management as “If we cannot be in advance of clients’requirements, it is unnecessary for us to exist.”and makes full use of resources in state-owned mega corporations. In addition, it combines automobile industry chains demand and job market demand to foster "high recognition, high skill and high qualityprofessional talents. Furthermore, it treats "tracking forward demand, serving enterprise users and enhancing department and enterprises cooperation" as department-running orientation. Up to now, it has fostered thousands of auto professionals for society.  

        After years of construction and reform, MED has formed specific specialty group, which includes Computerized Numerical Control Technology, Mechanical Manufacturing&Automation, Mold Design and Manufacture Technology, Welding Technology andAutomation. In 2014, MED specialty group was selected as one of outstanding specialty group in Jilin Province.

        Computerized Numerical Control Technology of MED is a key constructional major of national demonstrative higher vocational colleges. In addition, Mechanical Manufacturing &Automation and MoldDesign& Manufacturing Technology of MED are key constructional major of provincial demonstrative higher vocational college. Welding Technology and Automation of MED is a key constructional major of municipal demonstrative higher vocational college.

        MED has abundant teaching resources. Currently, there are 47 faculties. Among them, there are 4 professors, 12 associate professors, 1 senior engineer, 8 instructors, 2 senior technicians. Furthermore, it also has dozens of excellent part-time instructors which is come up with enterprise experts and skilled technicians. The above that we mentioned helps MED to form a qualified and rational constructional teaching group. At present, Computerized Numerical Control Technology teaching group has honored as one of provincial excellent teaching teams;Mold manufacture technology teaching group has honored as a school’s excellent team. In recent years, the teaching group keeps teaching reform and research. It has awarded 2 national third prizes,and 3 provincial second prizes up to now. Moreover, It has accomplished national and provincial higher vocational teachers’training as well. Meanwhile, MED has1 provincial outstanding courses,3 provincialexcellentcourses, and 1municipal outstanding course.

        MED has advanced teaching resources and excellent practical training environment. It has 21 training bases, which includes Numeral Control, Welding technology,Manufacturing, Metallographic Phase, Tolerance Measurement, CAD, HydraumaticTechnology, Pneumatic technology, Mold dismantling, Rapid Mold Prototyping bases and so on. It covers over 10,000 square meters. In addition, in order to fulfill the practical teaching demand, MED also set up lots of off campus practical training bases under the support of enterprises.

        The basic goal of MED is to cultivate high quality professionals. Through years’exploration and practice, MED applies school- enterprise cooperation method into vocational education. MED joint a number of well-known enterprises, such as FAW-Volkswagen,FAW Toyota Motor Co.,Ltd, FAW JieFang Automotive Company, Ltd, FAW Tooling DieManufacturing Co.,Ltd, China FAW Group Corporation R&D Center, VolkswagenFAW Engine(Dalian)Co.,Ltd, Michelin, ChangAn Automobile and etc to cultivate students. The consequences prove that the graduates’ cultivation with this method will be more skillful and more creative. Meanwhile, it has some successful examples with this cultivation method, such as Jin Tao, Li Kaijun, Mu Shaozhi, Yang Qingbo and so on. At present, the employment rate of MED has reached 90%.

        Following by the management concept of” having both ability and integrity, seeking andacting for truth”, MED keeps focusing on technical professional cultivation. It is trying to explore outstanding technical professional cultivation method through taking the advantages of school-enterprise cooperation platform, strengthening internal construction, and making full useof part-time teachers’ wisdom and talent. We hope this method will help excellent Chinese Automobile enterprises to get the employee they demand.




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Having Both Ability and Integrity,
Seeking and Acting for Truth.

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