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2020-05-26 14:14:22

CAII Held a Promotion Meeting for the ¡°Overseas Talents Training Center¡± Project

        On April, 8th, a promotion meeting for ¡°FAW Group¡¯s Overseas Talents Training Center¡± project was held at CAII. This is the first promotion meeting after the signing of FAWIEC and CAII on Mar. 26th. Mr. Leng Changchun, Senior general manager of FAWIEC, Mr. An Jun, the Party Secretary, Mr. Li Chunming, the President, Mr. Hu Guoliang, Vice President and Ms. Liu Fengzhu, Director of International Communications Department of CAII attended the meeting.

Picture 1 The Meeting

        At the meeting, CAII and FAWIEC reached an agreement on the cooperation of serving the ¡°spread-out¡± of FAW¡¯ products. They established working mechanism, set up the working team, preliminary determined the project contents of ¡°six ones¡± about building the overseas network training platform and the overseas training center, namely a network platform, a training center, a batch of courses, a teaching group, a set of evaluation and certification standards, a cultural system of commercial vehicle.

        Vice president Hu Guoliang broke down the task and released detailed assignment to all the working team members. After the meeting, he showed the FAWIEC members to the reserved site for overseas training center and discussed and investigated on the spot together with FAWIEC members. Both partied made a brief plan for the site jointly.

Picture 2   Vice President Hu Guoling was introducing the reserved site of training center.

        After the meeting and the on-the-spot investigation, both parties decided to coordinate necessary resources within their scopes of system. They will hold promotion meetings termly, coordinate actively and promote quickly to make sure that the school-enterprise project and the characteristic and high-level construction task of school can be carried out efficiently and with a high quality at the same time, and finally earn a good effect.