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2020-05-15 15:55:40

The Signing Ceremony of the Co-construction of “Overseas Talents Training Center” between CAII & FAWIEC is Held Successfully

        On Mar. 26th., 2020,CAII and FAWIEC (China FAW Group Import & Export Co., Ltd.) held thesigning ceremony of co-constructing the “Overseas Talents Training Center” atFAWIEC.

        Mr. Yan Feng, chairman of theboard and Party Secretary, Mr. Zhang Lipeng, Deputy Party Secretary, Mr. YuBin, Mr. Wu Zhixin, Mr. Liu Baoquan, Vice General Managers, Mr. Leng Changchun,Mr. She Ming, Senior Managers of FAWIEC and Mr. An Jun, Party Secretary, Mr. LiChunming, President, Mr. Ming Xiaohui, Mr. Hu Guoliang, Vice Presidents, Ms.Jiao Chuanjun, Dean of Automobile Application Department, Ms. Liu Fengzhu, Deanof International Communications Department of CAII participated the ceremony.The ceremony is hosted by Mr. Zhang Lipeng.  

Picture 1  The Signing Ceremony

        Mr. Yan Feng, the chairman ofthe board and Party Secretary of FAWIEC, introduced in his address that afteryear’s effort, FAW’s products have been exported to over 100 countries and over320 thousand units in total. The export business has covered including 78countries and areas in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Middle East,etc., along the “belt and road” area. FAWIEC has about 90 overseasdistributors, 5 subsidiaries and 16 KD Producing Centers abroad. With thegradual updating of overseas business model and the continuous growth ofoverseas market, FAW’s need of compound talents is becoming extremely urgent.Therefore, FAWIEC is expecting the cooperation with CAII very much, in the hopeof deepening the School-Enterprise cooperation by the chance of co-constructingthe “Overseas Talents Training Center” and cultivating excellent overseastalents for FAW Group jointly.

Picture2 Chairman ofFAWIEC,Yan Feng is giving address

        Mr.An Jun, the Party Secretary of CAII expressed in his address that as the only ConstructionUnit of high-level vocational school with Chinese characteristics in JilinProvince, CAII will firmly serve FAWsRed-flagStrategy,vigorously implement the cultivating project ofRed-flag Craftsmen. Uniting with FAWIEC and integrating the developmentdirection of China automobile transformation and upgrading and overseasstrategy layout, CAII will carry out oriented cultivation of Automobile talentson technology, service and trade.

Picture 3Party Secretary of CAII, An Jun is giving address

        During the signing ceremony, Mr. HuGuoliang, the vice president of CAII, introduced the details of the cooperationproject, which contains the cultivation of overseas talents, theco-construction of overseas training team of teachers, the co-construction ofoverseas training centers, etc. CAII will start the construction of in-campusoverseas talents training center and overseas network teaching platform soon.

        Amidwarm applause, President Li Chunming and Vice General Manager Yu Bin excutedthe signing representing CAII and FAWIEC accordingly.

Picture 4 Representatives ofCAII and FAWIEC are signing.

        Thiscooperation signing not only starts the new chapter of CAIIs cooperation with enterprises, but alsoexpresses CAIIs confidenceand determination of serving the FAWs overseas business development and companying FAWs products to the world. It marks that CAIItakes a step on aspects of cultivating compound, international and specializedtechnicians. It has great significance in the construction of high-levelvocational school with Chinese characteristics.

Picture 5 Group Photo


Written by InternationalCommunications Department