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2015-05-22 16:01:55

CAII and Volkswagen FAW Engine (Dalian) Co.,Ltd’s signing and opening ceremony of co-op class was held

  In the afternoon of March 12th, 2015, CAII and Volkswagen FAW Engine(Dalian)Co.,Ltd signing and opening ceremony of co-op class was held in the training center room 401 at 2:00 p.m.. Mr. Hu, Guoliang, the assistant to President of CAII, hosted the ceremony. The following people were invited to attend the ceremony :
1. HR and executive department director of Volkswagen FAW Engine(Dalian)Co.,Ltd: Tian, Jie
2. HR development and education strategies director of Volkswagen(China): Mr. Hans-Peter Faber
3. PR manager of Volkswagen(China): Chen, Tong
4. Sr Manager of Production and Technology Department: Song, Chunqiu
5. President of CAII: Li, Chunming
6. Duty President of CAII: Ming, Xiaohui
7. Assistant to President of CAII: Hu, Guoliang
8. Dean of Mechanical Engineering Department: Wei Jianjun
9. Duty Director of CAII Recruitment and Career Center: Liu, Fengzhu
10.  Duty Director of Academic Affairs: Lu, Junsong
11.  Students in this co-op class(totally 24 )
12.  Student and teacher representatives(totally over 200).    

       After duty President Mr. Ming and HR director Ms. Tian sign the cooperation contract, the opening ceremony began. The first item of opening ceremony is Ms. Tian presentation. Her presentation is on the theme of “Power Combination will create a new milestone of school and enterprise co-op exploration of vocational education” .Meanwhile, she also introduced the history of the Volkswagen FAW Engine(Dalian)Co.,Ltd(VFE), company culture and personnel cultivation strategies. She presented the Volkswagen FAW Engine would provide wide development route for employees. Moreover, she pointed out this cooperation with CAII fulfill the modern enterprise development needs and vocational education demands. Through this way of cultivation, the students will perfectly fit the environment of future work, and the corporate will also get the professionals they expected. Therefore, this cooperation must have great achievement. Meanwhile, she congratulated the students who joined in this program. She inspired students to study harder and expected them would be backbone of VFE.

      Volkswagen China director of human resources development and education strategies, Mr Hans-Peter Faber gave a speech following. He pointed out the corporate would be strict with apprentices selection. The apprentices should require talent, passion and sense of team work. In addition, excellent comprehensive score is essential part for consideration. Hence, he encouraged students to work harder so as to pass the final examination which intended to test real ability of students. After the speech, the student representative Yao Haoguo on behalf of 24 students of order class to deliver a presentation. He made a solemn promise: they would work harder, try their best to improve skill and broaden their knowledge; cherish the opportunity that the VEF gave them; be a professional auto industry in the future.        


       The ceremony was end after the speech of “vocational education’s best time is coming!”  In the speech, President Mr. Li described the present and future of vocational education, and announced schools would continue to deepen the cooperation between school and enterprise method, while actively seeking new vocational education method and learned from foreign advanced vocational education theory and took full use of enterprises and the University's resources, improve the quality of professional cultivating. President addressed he expected all the students of order class would remember “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and treat the school motto “Having Both Ability and Integrity; Seeking and Acting for Truth” as the creed of life. Finally, he gave best wishes to all the students, he hoped they would be "modern apprenticeship" best beneficiaries. Meanwhile, the president also presented his gratitude to enterprise support in this program and in national vocational education. He believed that through deepening cooperation between CAII and enterprise, it must have students, corporations, CAII tripartite win situation.