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2015-05-21 16:08:00

CAII Graduates Gao Dawei, Qi Songyu was awarded ¡°national model worker¡± title

        On April 28th, in order to celebrate the labor day and honor the national model and advanced worker, commendation conference was hold at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Seven members of the Political Bureau Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee was invited to attend this meeting. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), spoke at the conference which was about Chinese dream and labor.  The Honored CAII Graduates Gao Dawei, Qi Songyu was awarded ¡°national model worker¡± title. Based on information from FAW website, on April 29, the General Manager and deputy party secretary of FAW Group Corporation Xu Xianping met the model workers back at the FAW headquarters building .


        The model worker, Gao Dawei,  is the Director of FAW - Volkswagen car factory welding workshop. The model worker , Qi Songyu,  is car company technology department service branch maintenance worker. They are all the graduates from CAII. Hence, the student and the teachers are inspired and feel proud when they heard of this news . A number of students expresse that they will treat the honored alumni as the role model and contribute themselves to Chinese automobile industry development. Meanwhile, these two honored alumni also presented they would inherit and spread the spirit of hard-working, in addition, the honor was only the beginning, in the future they would keep setting up unswerving faith, be more prudent, more creative and lead the group to gather strength and excellence of quality. Moreover, they would contribute themselves to FAW and China¡¯s prosperity and development.