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        Changchun Automobile Industry Institute (CAII) was one of the first 28 demonstrative vocational colleges, and in 2013, it was announced by the government of Jilin Province as one of the leading higher vocational college. CAII, known as “the cradle of the Automobile Industry Professionals”, was originated from Changchun Automobile School of Technology established by Changchun First Automobile Works. Accompanying with the development of China automobile industry, it has formed a specific vocational education system. In 2009, CAII, which was used to attach to the FAW Group Corporation, was officially taken over by Changchun municipal government.  

        Covering 500,000 square meters, CAII, at present, has a total enrollment over 9600 students and 540 faculty and staff members. CAII has abundant and excellent faculty, with 1 national teaching team and 4 provincial teaching teams; it has advanced facilities and equipment, with 103 on-campus practical training bases and experimental training classrooms based on automobile, electrics and machinery and 88 practical training bases in FAW and some large-scale manufacturing enterprises.

        Based on the requirements of the auto industry chain and market, CAII works on cultivating “high cognition, high skill and high quality” professionals. It totally sets up 19 majors, and forms 5 technical professional groups, including automotive application technology, automotive engineering, modern manufacturing technology, automatic control technology, automotive service and trade. Among them, there are 5 national demonstrative majors, 5 provincial demonstrative majors and 3 state first majors. CAII has enrolled students from 30 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) in China. 

        After years of exploration and practice, CAII has formed its specific characteristics of school-running. At present, it has developed more than 50 contract programs, such as SGACE classes, Michelin classes, T-TEP classes, TQP classes, Ping An classes, etc. with the help of a lot of international well-known enterprises, including Germany’s five largest auto companies (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen), Bosch, Michelin (France), Toyota (Japan), Honda (Japan), Ping An. CAII with better reputations will be flooded with applications every year. The demand for all graduate students exceeds the supply, and sophomore students are scrambling to be booked as well. CAII has maintained more than 95% graduates’ employment rate for many years. Over 50,000 graduates have become an integral part of the auto industry such as Jin Tao, Li Kaijun. Sun Changchun and Gao Dawei who have become the labor model of knowledge-based labor or representatives of technological innovation.

        Standing at a new historical starting point, Changchun Automobile Industry Institute keeps the spirit of making full use of every minute and being pioneers, seizing the opportunity, accelerating development, constantly endeavoring to make our dream of constructing an “open, high-level, international” world first class vocational institute come true.

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