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2020-06-05 15:25:24

Five students of CAII got a senior mechanic vocational qualification with a special approval!

        On 2 Nov., 2019, five students, Zhang Cheng, Zhao Hongfei, Wu Hao, Qi Zhongqiang and Zhao Jiale of Automobile Engineering Department of CAII, took part in the Jilin Provincial trials of China Skills Contest- National Key Technologies Contest of New Energy and got an excellent grades. On 15 May, 2020, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jilin Province decided to award the senior mechanic vocational qualification to these 5 students with a special approval, and praised the students’ spirit of fighting bravely.

        In 2019, China Skills Contest included Key Technologies of New Energy Automobile in the schedule for the first time. Intelligent technology and lightweight technology were set up in the contest. The contest is very difficult because the content of the contest is forward-looking technology and there is no experience to learn from. Teachers Li Wenna, Hao Jun, Chen Si of Automobile Engineering Department can only lead the students to prepare while studying. After hard training, the team finally came out in Jilin Provincial Trails and won great grades.

Students of Intelligent technology Contest are preparing hardly.

        CAII is the first one to set up Automobile Intelligent Technology major among the high vocational colleges in Jilin Province. This major is closely set up around the intelligent network of automobile industry chain, training compound technical personnel engaged in intelligent car assembly and adjustment testing, assisted research and development, calibration and commissioning, network services, testing and maintenance and other aspects. It is not easy for the students of CAII to highlight their achievements in this contest, which shows the strength of the teachers and students in skills and techniques. At the same time, automobile intelligent technology training direction becomes more clearly under the new situation. It laid a solid professional foundation for the construction of high-level vocational school with Chinese characteristics and future vocational undergraduate setting of the school.

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