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2015-05-18 09:36:34

The new chairman of Volkswagen vocational education department (China) visited

        In the morning of April 8, a new friend came to visit CAII. The new friend’s name is Thomas Papalini, who is the new chairman of Volkswagen vocational education department (China). Furthermore, there was an old friend,  Mr. Heider,  the chairman of vocational education department in Audi Company with him  too. 

New Chairman(left) and the President of CAII(right)

        The president of CAII, the dean of Automotive Application Department, and faculty of Volkswagen Teacher Training Center join in the communication with these two honored guests. The President Li had a belief introduction of majors, recruitment and employment of students. In addition, he also announced that vocational education success was inseparable from enterprises’ support, so it was necessary for both CAII and Volkswagen to maintain constructive cooperation.    

Mr. Heider communicate with Volkswagen Teacher Training Center's faculties

        Mr. Papalini had ever been working in FAW-Volkswagen Audi for 3 years. In 2008, he visited our school. Now, when he come to our school again, he was shocked about the great changes of our school. He spoke highly of the president’s understanding and vision of the vocational education. Meanwhile, he also indicated he would like to support CAII as before.    

Mr. Papalini, Mr. Heider and President of CAII

        The president and Mr.Heider had deep communication about the SGAVE program and Volkswagen Teacher Training Center program. After communication, they visited automobile application department and the field of the Volkswagen Teacher Training Center.


Mr. Papalini, Mr. Heider and Volkswagen Teacher Training Center's faculties