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Welcome to Public Education Department.

        Public Education Department(PED) is an important department in CAII. PED undertakes foreign language, mathematics, computer science and ideology teaching, research, training, continuing education work. PED has abundant teaching resources. Currently, thereare 63 faculties in PED. Among them, there is 2 professor, and 28 associated professors. Moreover, there are more than 90% instructors with master degree. Besides, PED teaching group has outstanding research ability. At present, 2 teaching groups in PED were honored provincial excellent teaching groups. Moreover, AED has developed 2 provincial elaborate classes and 3 school elaborate classes.

        PED focuses on public elementary course teaching. It not only undertakes the public elementary course teaching work, but also makes effort to enhance the quality of student. It admires student to participate kinds of competitions every years, such as National English Competition for College students (NECCS), the National English speaking competition, National University Games. Meanwhile, it has abundant achievement at these competitions. In addition, it organizes Mental Health Festival every year, which is praised by faculties and students.

        PED owns 2 modern language labs, which are able to accommodate100 students to have English listening and speaking practice. In spite of that, there are 4 psychological counseling rooms, 12 computer labs for students. PEDs teaching group characterizes rational quality, education background and age structure. The teachers in PED are hard-working, well experienced, rigorous, and with high academic background.

         PED adheres to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as the guidance; deepens study and practice scientific outlook on development. PED adheres teaching missions as the main task of work, so that it becomes the main channel of quality education; well organizes elaborate theme in various forms of cultural activities, so that it becomes the main place of cultural quality education; takes efforts to build up the academic atmosphere of scientific research, making it a cultural quality education initiatives. In addition, it pays much attention on teaching quality monitoring; implements the accountability system; develops the information dissemination channel; advocates for hardworking and incorruption; makes efforts to strengthen the supervisory feedback; constantly strengthening construction of teachers; standardizes education system; endeavors to improve the quality of education and teaching; Deepens teaching and research work, and gradually explores the PEDs own education system based on the spirit of the times and characteristics of PED. Besides, it is based on high recognition, high skill, and high quality as the guidance; constantly expands public learning education area; pays attention to cultivation of scientific and humanistic spirit; emphasizes physical exercises, so that the students will lay a solid foundation on overall development.

        There are 4 teaching and research offices in PED, including computer, English, ideology and PE. The teachers from these 4 offices undertake all basic curriculums teaching missions and out-of class activities organization work of CAII. PED has been devoting teaching group construction, curricular construction and major construction for a long time. It is one of the excellent departments with the spirit of pragmatism and innovation; meanwhile, it takes mixed talent cultivation as the main task.


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