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Welcome to Automobile Application Department.

        Automobile Application Department (AAD), which covers a floor area of 22, 000 square meters, has over 2100 enrollment and 51 faculties and staff. In addition, AAD keeps the ¡°school-enterprises cooperation, education and training integration¡± characteristics and makes efforts to cultivate ¡°high recognition, high skill, high quality¡± professionals.

        AAD sets up an automobile application technology specialty group, which includes Auto detection and maintenance, Automotive Electrical Technology, Automotive Plastic Technology 3 majors, according to the automobile service market demand. Auto detection and maintenance is one of the first national demonstrative majors of higher vocational education. Automotive Electrical Technology is provincial demonstrative majors. Automotive Plastic Technology is municipal demonstrative major. In order to reach the goal of making the AAD specialty group to be the first-class in comparison with similar specialty group in vocational institutes, AAD faculties and staff are forging ahead to construct the AAD specialty group, expecially Auto detection and maintenance major.    

        AAD has a rational structure and meticulous teaching group, There are 43 teachers in this group and most of them has teacher certificate and enterprise working experience. There are 1 provincial well-known teacher, 1 provincial chief technician and 1 national excellent teaching group. Besides, AAD also recruits over 60 part-time instructors which comes from FAW-Volkswagen, China FAW Group Corporation R&D Center, FAW Car CO., Ltd, Tongli Auto Service and etc.

        In close combination with the automotive service market demand, AAD develops a number of programs, such as TQP class, SGAVE class, T-TEP class, Dongfeng-Honda class with the help of plenty of well-known automotive enterprises, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and so on. Every year, there are more than 70% students accepting education through these programs.

        The practical base consists of 9 training areas, which include auto engine, automotive chassis, automotive electrical technology, automotive plastics technology and automotive breakdown detection, TQP, T-TEP, SGAVE, Dongfeng-Honda(Changchun) training area. Meanwhile, the practical base was in very good condition and rank top in comparison to other similar institutes. It not only covers 17, 000 square meters, but also requires advanced equipments. There are 34 Theory and Practical Operation Integration Classrooms, 52 training car, over 120 training equipments and 24 lifting machines in the practical base. Moreover, AAD also set up a prolonged stable off-campus practical bases group which includes more than 50 practical bases with the support of FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Toyota, China FAW Group Corporation R&D Center, Tongli Auto Service.

        AAD actively explores and practices the curricular construction and teaching mode reform. Currently, it has owned 1 National Teaching Resource Library, 2 free national elaborate courses, 2 provincial elaborate courses and 4 provincial excellent courses. AAD implements the theory and practice integration teaching method on vocational education which guided by mission, working list or problems, and the consequences turns out it is very effective for student¡¯s comprehensive ability improvement.

        AAD actively participate in national, provincial and municipal skill competition and has got abundant achievements in these competition. Besides, AAD students and faculties also improve their abilities and adjust their method of teaching and learning through these competitions. In the last three years¡¯ ¡°Auto detection and maintenance¡± contest in national vocational students skills competitions, the students from AAD have got 9 first prize, 1 second prize and 1 third prize. Meanwhile, AED has won overall champion for 3 consecutive years.

        AAD adheres¡°sincerity, harmony, dedication, cultivation, enhancement, improvement¡±as the guideline of student work and treat students¡¯ quality, professional skill enhancement as the main task. Meanwhile, in order to fulfill the guideline and main task, AAD develops various activities for student. AAD faculties and staff help students¡¯ ability could have overall improvement, and the students would be qualified professionals in the future through these activities.    

        AAD has formed a nationwide employment network due to long term close cooperation with a variety of enterprises. Up to now, it has cultivated over 4000 graduates, and there are more than 500 graduates has become the top technicians in their area or first-line backbone. Besides, the employment rate has maintained over 93% for years. The admission score of AAD has been 100 points higher than standard score of higher vocational colleges for many years, and the admission score of auto detection and maintenance even almost hit the standard score of regular colleges. Because of that, for many years, AAD has maintained ¡°high quality recruitment, high quality employment¡± situation.

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