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Welcome to Automotive Engineering Department.

        Automotive Engineering Department (AED) is an important department in Changchun Automobile Industry Institute(CAII). There are 4 different majors in AED, which are Automotive Manufacturing and Assembly Technology, Alternative Energy Automotive Technology, Automotive Testing Technology, Automotive Shaping Technology. Automotive Manufacturing and Assembling Technology is one of first national demonstrative majors, Automotive Shaping Technology is one of provincial demonstrative majors, Alternative Energy Automotive Technology is a new major which started in 2012.Moreover, Automotive Shaping Technology and Automotive Testing Technology are state first majors.

        Holding high the great banner of ¡°indigenous innovation¡±, AED cultivates a group of professionals of automotive designing, testing, and manufacturing and alternative energy automotive technology for China Automobile Industry. In order to reach the goal of construct the top specialties of automobile industry, it targets specialty group construction at automotive assembling and adjustment, maintenance, detection, testing and qualification field. The automotive assembling and adjustment major is dedicated to cultivate high quality professionals on automotive assembling and adjustment, maintenance, detection. The employment direction of the student with this major will be the worker available with assembling, adjustment or detection positions. Alternative energy automotive technology major is dedicated to cultivate high quality professionals on alternative energy vehicle detection, testing and assembling. The employment direction of student with this major will be available with vehicle detection, testing and assembling positions in development and manufacturing enterprises.  Automobile Testing technology major is dedicated to cultivate high quality professionals on automotive performance evaluation, automotive performance inspection. The employment direction of student with this major will be automotive performance inspection, energy testing, chassis testing, road testing, electrical testing position and some other automotive testing position. Automotive shaping technology major is dedicated to cultivate high quality professionals of auto clay model production. The employment direction is clay modeling position in automobile research and development enterprises. The above that we mention is just the starting of their career, in the future, they may be promoted to be team leaders, chiefs of sections , superintendents, trainer, and finally will become skill master, assistant designer, or modeling master.  

        Based on the resources provided by FAW group, AED develop a number of co- cultivation programs to cultivate high quality professionals. Currently, AED has developed co-cultivation program with FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Car Co., ltd, China FAW group corporation R&D center, FAW-Toyota, Volkswagen FAW Engine(Dalian)Co.,Ltd, Volkswagen Automatic Transmission£¨Dalian£© Co.,Ltd, Dongfeng-Nissan, Beijing-hyundai, Chery and some other well-known auto enterprises.  After students graduating from these programs, more than 60% students will get their jobs in the cooperative enterprises.   

        There are 32 faculties in the AED. These faculties form a typical teaching group combination with teachers and engineers in AED. Among them, more than 85% instructors require both teachers¡¯ certificate and engineers¡¯ certificate. There are 10 teachers in possession of auto enterprises¡¯ working experiences. Meanwhile, all the AED faculties require intership experiences in auto enterprises. All the faculties are meticulous with knowledge and strict with coaching, so that AED always has positive feedback from students. In addition, AED also provide some training curriculums. AED undertake the employees training, appraisal and technical service for the FAW group corporation, junior or higher vocational education colleges , Faw-Toyota and Dongfeng-Toyota every year.    

        The specialties group of AED always attaches importance to construction of part-time faculty. The part-time teachers are composed by professional technicians and administrators of enterprises.  They not only participate in the specialty teaching reform and regular teaching, but also in curriculum development, training program development, training standards creation. Currently, there are more than 50 part-time teachers in AED.

        Furthermore, AED also provides training service and technical support for enterprises and society. It has developed a series of training courses, including senior Assembling technician training course, national vocational education teacher training course, the FAW new employee orientation. Now, it has become one of essential training base for enterprises professionals and  vocational education teachers.

        Because AED specialty group has got good reputation in public, the rate of application and admission are all in forefront to compare with similar specialty group in higher vocational colleges in Jilin Province. In addition, the minimum requirements of AED entrance are also in forefront in comparison to similar specialty group in higher vocational colleges in Jilin Province. In addition, AED also pay much attention on students¡¯ practical ability and creativities cultivation. It has developed amounts of activities joint to independent auto band. Besides, AED sets up 4 student communities,  including Auto Fan Association, Ping-pong and badminton association, energy saving and environmental protection associations, bulletin& news room. These 4 communities launch cultural activities all year round.  Meanwhile, it hold welcome party for freshman and commencement party for the graduates every year.
        In order to honor students with excellent performance, AED bestows scholarship to 17%  of students every term, and top student who ranked within 1% in every department will be awarded Presidential Scholarship. In addition, AED offers various ways for students with less family support, such as allowing them to apply financial aid, providing them on-campus job, offering them student loans or allowance. Meanwhile, it also provides a special scholarship to honor students who have outstanding performance but in poverty. AED hopes these ways will help to fulfill the promises ¡°Never let one diligent and talented student drops out of school because of family financial difficulties.¡±  

        The graduates from AED are competitive because they have got excellent professional skill and good career guidance during school time. The employment rate has remained over 98% for many years. More than 95% students have got jobs related to their major. More than 90% graduates and their parents are satisfied with their salary which is higher than the average.  Many graduates from AED have become the backbone of the enterprises, some of them have promoted to team leaders, chief of sections superintendents or coaches because of the excellent performance.

        Many graduates from AED have done excellent work on kinds of national or international competitions. The graudates, Liu yinghui who works at Faw-volkswagen corporation won first prize and Gu Jincheng, who works at same company won third prize on the first automotive assembling and adjustment competition.  Liu Shuang, won the top 10 award in the Chinese automobile stylist skill competition.  A student who majored automotive shaping technology was honored best creativity award and nice production award.

        On the way of ¡°open, high-level, international¡± ¡°national first, global famous¡± automotive vocational institute construction, all the faculty and students in AED will be more modest and prudent, at the same time, AED will continue to forge ahead to complete the mission of global top higher vocational institute construction.

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