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Welcome to Electrical Engineering Department.         

        Electrical Engineering Department (EED) follows the higher vocational education regularity of automobile industry:
(1) based on the creative ability cultivation
(2) serving the public
(3) setting up modern automotive manufacturing &automated production high-end professionals cultivation base
(4) being endeavor to make contributiton on Chinese  Automobile Industry Structural adjustment and development

        According to the guiding thoughts of ¡°developing internal, improving quality, highlighting characteristics¡± , electrical engineering department(EED) is working on automation technique specialty group development, which has following characteristics:

(1) centering on talent training

(2) treating specialty development as lead

(3) with emphasis on curriculum construction and teaching group construction.

        Currently, EED automation technique specialty group consists of 3 professional specialties, Electric Automation Technology, Mechatronics Technology and Industrial Robots. Among them, Electric Automation Technology is the best one and it is a national demonstrational major. Mechatronics Technology is provincial demonstrational major. Industrial Robots is the state first major. 

        EED has abundant teaching resources. Currently, there are 51 faculties in EED.  Among them, there are 1 provincial excellent teacher, 4 professors, 17 associate professors, and 24 instructors with master degree. More than 60% instructors require both teacher certificate and engineer certificate. More than 80% young teachers have got master degree. Meanwhile, EED also recruited dozens of senior technical experts from enterprises as part-time instructors, such as Jin Tao, Sun Changchun. In addition, EED has 1 national excellent lesson, 1 provincial excellent lesson, 3 provincial good lessons, 2 municipal excellent lesson2, and 1 provincial excellent teaching group.

        In order to achieve the goal of cultivating ¡°high-skill, application-oriented¡± talents, EED comes up with new personnel cultivation method, which is called ¡°work and study alternation¡± with the support of a plenty of enterprises, including Michelin, FAW-Volkswagen, China FAW Group Corporation R&D Center, FAW Toyota Motor CO., Ltd, FAW Car CO., Ltd, Dongfeng-Nissan, Volkswagen Automatic Transmission£¨Dalian£©, Volkswagen FAW Engine(Dalian)Co.,Ltd, Beijing-Hyundai. These enterprises not only support EED to set up off campus practical training base, but also cooperate with EED to foster students.

        EED requires advanced equipments and excellent educational condition for high-end technical professionals cultivation.. It has industrial robot technical center, Michelin project training center, NC maintenance training base, electrical maintenance, PLC application technology, auto lining technology, AI detection technology, mechanical assembling and dismantling training room.        

        EED has totally enrollment of 1901. Because of requiring solid theoretical knowledge, strong actual work ability, and great potential, the graduates from EED are highly sought by big companies. Meanwhile, there are amounts of graduates decided to pursue their studies after graduation.  Among them, there are 40 graduates entered regular college, and there are 13 graduates being working on their master or doctor degree.     

        In addition, EED not only pay attention on the quality of personnel training and enhance the employability of students, but also focus on improving students ' comprehensive quality.  It has developed wide range of professional interest groups and innovation studios for students. Meanwhile, it has organized various skill competitions for students as well. Every year, the teachers of EED always inspires students to participate in kinds of competitions, and the students' good quality always makes them have remarkable achievements.    

        EED always pay attention on spiritual civilization construction. It treats moral education as the basic task. With the help of various student communities and organizations, it actively carries out various cultural, sports and social activities on campus. Meanwhile, it also makes great effort to cultivate and practice the core values of socialism, and educate and guide teachers and students consciously engaged in realization of "Chinese dream".

        In order to make the dream of constructing a top vocational college, EED keeps forging ahead in the tide of modern industrial civilization. Currently, it requires excellent teaching group, advanced teaching theory and equipment and effective school and enterprise co-cultivation method as well. 

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